I provide creative services and marketing consulting to a few clients in addition to working on my own projects, some of which can be found below. Beyond the basics such as web development, SEO, photography, graphic design, logos and print work, I have an extensive backgrond in audio & video production. I also provide marketing services to a variety of entrepreneurial enterprises. Please contact me if there is anything I might be able to help you with. -Dan Savage [email]
The Savage Snow Podcast features soundseeing adventures in the realms of filmmaking, snowboarding/skiing, and whitewater kayaking. It also includes my Japan adventures.
The Savage Japan Podcast is a subset of the Savage Snow Podcast and only features the Japan content from Savage Snow. The Savage Japan website also functions as a hub for my other Japan content online.
SavageSnow.com is my main website and was built primarily to draw attention to an independent film that will be shot in the state of Colorado in America, the town of Zermatt in Switzerland, and Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan.

The Savage Snow homepage is also the best starting point for all the Savage Snow affiliated websites and it provides the best overall introduction to my personal projects.
Current updates for all the sites are also listed on the Savage Snow homepage.

Thanks for stopping in. You can reach me via email by clicking on my name below.

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The Japan Photo Journal/Living in Japan photo essays feature photographs that correspond to the Savage Snow and Savage Japan podcasts. The photo essays are linked to their related audio episodes.
Learning to Geotag is a website for sharing practical knowledge and links to resources for those getting involved with geotagging and other GPS activities. I report on my experiences learning to geotag and I post related news updates along with links to other helpful sites.
Savage Japan Movie Reviews is for anyone that enjoys good movies, especially those who enjoy Japanese films. I also comment briefly on the suitability of the reviewed films to be used in Japanese listening comprehension practice.
I launched JapanPodcasters.com a few years ago, long before I began recording my own podcast. It was built as a guide to all the English language podcasts that emanate from Japan. The site is evolving and will eventually allow for others to contribute to the podcast descriptions and reviews on the site. It's not a site that I can effectively write all the content for and maintain by myself now. Keep a look out for Version 2.0 and feel free to stop in and peruse the large number of categorized and already reviewed podcasts.
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